Getting To Know: Endless Candles

Getting To Know: Endless Candles

Endless Candles; from the adorable vessels they are poured into to the beautiful aromas they create, they are the essence of splendour. Mary from Endless Candles shares a little insight into the ‘Endless Candle’ story with us.

Endless Candles original was the name of a boutique gift shop in Picton, NSW that Mary and her family ran, starting 15 years ago. The store quite literally had an ‘endless supply of candles’. The transition from retailer to manufacturer occurred 8 years ago when they experienced a lack of supply from their suppliers. "We actually started making candles purely because there was a period of a few months where a lot of our suppliers went out of business and my customers were so upset that they couldn’t get their favourite fragrances, so we decided to make them ourselves in the kitchen!" From there the business has boomed and now "we’re the largest contract manufacturer on the east coast of Australia".

Endless Candles is a family run business based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Mary and her brother oversee the daily operation of the company with the accompaniment of their parents. They also have another 6 staff to assist with the production of the candles. What is Mary’s favourite part of her workspace? Her dual monitors, allowing her to complete the design work from labels to packaging. All set atop her ‘huge desk’ giving her plenty of room to work on her mood boards and designs. Mary also uses whiteboards "for when I’m writing copy, I’m old school and still think pen on paper is the best way to write so I dump it all there, refine it and then type it into whatever medium I’m working on at the time."

"I have such a passion for what I do that I never feel like I’m coming to work. Being able to create and run this national company… it’s an amazing feeling." Finding ongoing inspiration from current trends and adding her own twist Mary states, "I’m always looking for the next best thing and applying that to my ranges". Describing the candles as "innovative, timeless, trendy and sustainable" it doesn’t come without challenges to create these beauties. Mary has found the biggest challenge differentiating Endless Candles from the rest of the hand poured candles on the market. "I’ve just spent the last year ripping apart my brand and rebuilding it from scratch but before I could do that, I had to work out what our point of difference was and find a way to reflect that in everything I do. That was hard, but once I worked it out everything else just fell into place."

And finally, Mary’s words to live by; "Have a dream so big it scares you."












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