Maison Blanche

Maison Blanche

Nothing beats walking into a room to be greeted by a beautiful aroma, but who’s creating these aromas and what’s inspiring them? We had a chat with Maison Blanches’ very own Kristy to find what’s behind her beautiful brand of hand poured candles.
Every business needs a name so where does the name Maison Blanche originate? It was Kristy’s mum that gave her the idea when she explained whilst brainstorming name ideas “nothing is going to feel like you unless it’s about cats or politics”. (Kristy has a cat called Mr. President.) Thus the name was born ‘Mr. President is a white cat. The real President lives in the White House. White House in French is Maison Blanche.
Kristy started Maison Blanche in 2012 after an unsuccessful ‘quest to find the perfect Vanilla Bean fragrance to burn in my room at night….that is where the magic began’. Describing the Maison Blanche range as ‘simple, versatile, affordable and classic’ Kristy finds ongoing inspiration from her other passions in life interior design and art when travelling. The biggest challenge Kristy has found since starting the business is ‘that I want everything now but I’ve realised it takes time to achieve great results’.
Based in the Upper North Shore of Sydney, Kristy considers herself lucky to have a ‘close-knit community of friends who have created their own businesses and love working with them on creative projects.’ Also working with her in the warehouse she has ‘a talented team of candle connoisseurs’. Kristy and her band of ‘candle connoisseurs’ have recently moved into a new warehouse, which has a very industrial look and feel. Drawing on her love for interior design Kristy has stuck with natural textures and tones while filling the space with plenty of crystals and greenery.
Initially enjoying the blending of fragrances and the hands-on pouring of the candles Kristy now also really enjoys the business side of things. Appreciating the opportunity to set goals and achieve them. Relishing in the feelings of being in control of the success and growth in the business. But it's not all business for Kristy, she spends her time away from the warehouse exploring the city with friends finding new bars and restaurants and of course spending time with Mr. President.
Finally, Kristy’s words to live by, "don't let other people's actions influence your own."




Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?








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