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Summer Salt Body

In August 2014, Melbournian sisters Sarah and Emma set out to create a natural, vegan, nautical, salty inspired skincare range. ‘We are inspired by all things natural and vegan. The ocean is the inspiration behind our salt scrub range. We are passionate about natural remedies and are currently creating a brand new range of products inspired by Australian natives’. Finding ongoing inspiration from the sea, Summer Salt ‘source the majority of our ingredients from local suppliers as we believe in supporting small local businesses. We source organic ingredients when possible and always ensure they are vegan & cruelty-free’.

Summer Salt is growing and for now they are working out of a small studio but looking at moving into a warehouse very soon they have also grown their team to 4 getting Kris and Stacey on-board to help with packaging and shipping.  And whilst the rapid growth of high demand for their handmade range has proved to be a positive challenge they ‘are incredibly grateful to all of our amazing stockists and customers. It’s been a dream to do what we love every day and it wouldn’t be possible without all the support we’ve had along the way!’


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