Urban Swagman

Urban Swagman

Todd and Rachel are the talents behind Urban Swagman producing ‘natural male grooming products’. From soaps to beard oils all products are handmade in their Brisbane home. How did they come up with the name Urban Swagman?  We asked them: ‘we were trying to find a name that summed up our idea in its entirety. It had to be instantly recognisable as manly, Australian and also appealing to people who live in the city, but have their heart set in the Australian bush’.  

The inspiration Todd explains  ‘I was sick of the selection that men had when it came to soaps, colognes and other grooming products. There isn’t much choice apart from the bottles of chemical gel that are painted black, have a ‘For Men’ sticker slapped on them and sold to us. I was looking for a range of grooming products that were made specifically for men, were natural and had some personality to them. We couldn’t find it, so we decided to make it ourselves!’. Quick to act they came up with the idea in February 2015 and had production and sales up and running by that April. Describing their biggest challenge to date being able to keep up with the Christmas demand for their products.
Their ongoing motivation comes from being ‘inspired by the growing popularity of natural, organic products and the increasing awareness that the public has to their benefits. It is awesome to be part of positive change and we love the relationships that we have formed along the way’
And when they’re not busy making soaps and oils you can find Rachel and Todd Hiking with the dog, heading to the beach or searching for the newest café/burger joint.

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Team, want to buy some soap of you, struggling to find it on the site


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