Kester Black

Australia's most ethical beauty brand. Kester Black's nail polishes are eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free, palm oil free and vegan - always have been, and always will be.
Founded in 2014 by designer Anna Ross as a project to redefine the industry for ethically produced cosmetics. Anna's dream  was to create Australian made, professional quality, environmentally produced and cruelty free products that are inspired by beautiful design. And she's done exactly that. All of Kester Black's nail polishes are 10-Free which means they strip out ten of the nastiest of nasties that commonly found in standard polishes. When it comes to sustainability, Kester Black 100% walk the talk. From their ingredients, to their packaging, to the way they run their offices - they take responsibility. It's simple - Kester Black make nail polish that's kind on you and kind on the planet.
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