Maison Blanche

Maison Blanche offers handmade scented soy candles crafted in Sydney, Australia. 100% vegan and eco-friendly candles.
Proudly Australian made, Maison Blanche was born after Kristy Payne (Maison Blanche's Creative Director) went on a hunt for the perfect vanilla bean candle. After being unable to find one she absolutely adored, Kristy decided to pour her own and that is where her passion for soy candles began. Since establishing in 2013, Maison Blanche's ambition has always been to formulate eco friendly, plant-based home fragrances of the finest quality. Perfect for every season. With scents as timeless as their classic jars, these candles are the perfect addition to any shelf. The combination of the soy wax and the cotton wick leads to a slow, clean, eco friendly burn. Basically, they are a big punch of joy packed into a nice decorative jar.
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