The Goodnight Society

The Goodnight Society is a quirky, colourful sleepwear label designed for big dreamers and good nights. Made from 100% organic cotton; rest peacefully tonight along with the planet.
The Goodnight Society wants everyone to have a good nights sleep - from the cotton farmer and the factory worker, to Mother Earth and the person wearing their pyjamas to bed at night. They don't take their pyjama prints to seriously, but they're serious about sustainable production and helping others around the world. The Goodnight Society uses only organic cotton from sweatshop-free, fairly paid factories, and all purchases support The Heartfelt Project in Makapanstad, South Africa. All of their prints have a bold personality and a little story to tell about our fun-loving, quirky Australian culture. With every purchase you're helping make dreams, both big and small, come true. Kennedy & Warner's eco friendly range of The Goodnight Society will instantly jazz up your sleepwear collection.
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