Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate
Green Cleaning Multi Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

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The Good: Clean the entire home while keeping the environment clean too.

The Rad: This product combines a high percentage of active ingredients that are environmentally friendly and dynamic. From porcelain to granite, this highly concentrated cleaning formula is safe and effective on every surface - even finished wood. Mop all the floors in your home, clean the entire bathroom, and more. A little goes a long way.

Scent No. 247 blends eucalyptus with notes of pine and hints of rose, lily of the valley, bergamot and thyme. You may also notice hints of musk and lavender.

Eco FriendlyCruelty FreeSustainable
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Free of petroleum, chlorine bleach, ammonia, phosphate, dye and SLS.
No animal by-products.
Made in the U.S.A. with natural ingredients.
Natural cleaning product.

All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate by The Laundress.